Abstract: This paper presents a macroeconomic model that combines the economic impact of climate change with the pivotal role of private debt. Using a Stock-Flow Consistent approach based on the Lotka–Volterra logic, we couple its nonlinear monetary dynamics of underemployment and income distribution with abatement costs. A calibration of our model at […]

Coping With Collapse: A Stock-Flow Consistent Monetary Macrodynamics of Global ...

Abstract: This paper follows Harvie (2000)’s research program in testing both Goodwin (1967)’s predator-prey model and the extension proposed byvan der Ploeg (1985). The author’s aim is to provide a guideline for the estimation and the backtesting strategy that can be applied to such a class of continuous-time macroeconomic model. The […]

Testing Goodwin with a Stochastic Differential Approach – The United ...

Abstract: Recent talks claiming the necessity of austerity measures in France often take the unsustainibility of public debts as a starting point. In this analysis, we show that the current public debt levels in France are not a sufficient reason to undertake such austerity policies. To substantiate our claims, we […]

La dette publique française justifie-t-elle l’austérité budgétaire ?

Abstract: The economic implications of oil price shocks have been extensively studied since the 1970s. Despite this huge literature, no dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model was available that captures two well-known stylized facts: (1) the stagflationary impact of an oil price shock, together with (2) the influence of the energy […]

The Effects of Oil Price Shocks in a New-Keynesian Framework ...

Abstract: We explore the returns of the frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) future prices and the dependency with the temperature variation in the city where the exchanged is based (New York) . Intuitively, one could consider that when temperatures are higher (resp. lower) than the average seasonal temperature, the consumption […]

Influence of Weather Variability on Orange Juice Prices