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Following presentation are recorded from 2019 on: 10/1/2019 — Presentation at the World Bank 03/07/19 — Presentation at Université de Poitiers Séminaire 01/16/19 — Presentation at the Fields Institute (co-organized with the OECD): 10 YEARS AFTER THE CRISIS – MODELLING MEETS POLICY MAKING


Publications in French: 5/21/2018   — Changement climatique : comment limiter les dégâts pour l’économie mondiale ? 11/12/2018 — Retour sur la polémique autour du prix Nobel d’économie à William Nordhaus Publication in English: 9/24/18  — The fight against climate change: how can we limit the damage to the global economy? (Translated from the French version)  

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Abstract: This paper follows van der Ploeg (Metroeconomica 37(2):221–230, 1985)’s research program in testing both its extension of Goodwin (in: Feinstein (ed) Socialism, capitalism and economic growth, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 4, 54–58, 1967) predator–prey model and the Minsky Financial Instability Hypothesis (FIH) proposed by Keen (J Post Keynes Econ 17(4):607–635, 1995). By […]

MAFE – Minskyan classical growth cycles: stability analysis of a ...

Abstract: This paper presents a macroeconomic model that combines the economic impact of climate change with the pivotal role of private debt. Using a Stock-Flow Consistent approach based on the Lotka–Volterra logic, we couple its nonlinear monetary dynamics of underemployment and income distribution with abatement costs. A calibration of our model at […]

IE – Debt and damages: What are the chances of ...

Abstract: In a stock-flow consistent macrodynamic model featuring two crucial endogenous destabilizing channels, debt accumulation and climate change, we perform a sensitivity analysis on four fundamental parameters of the climate and economic systems: (i) the climate sensitivity, (ii) the inertia of the carbon cycle, (iii) the labor productivity growth, and (iv) the share of damages sustained […]

EE – Coping With Collapse: A Stock-Flow Consistent Monetary Macrodynamics ...